Responding to the Call of the Wild

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    Best wishes,
    Phil Factor

  • Terrific metaphor, thanks for writing this.

    "Prevaricate" -- Word of the day !

  • I enjoyed the article.  Fun read.

    I do have a different take on one point.  Oftentimes when I face a thorny problem, I find it helpful to take a break.  While I'm working on something else, my subconscious mind is working on the thorny problem.  Often enough, when I come back to the problem that baffled me initially, I either have a solution or a good way to move forward.  (A better way of moving forward than if I had tried to bull doze my way through the problem at first glance.)

    Using your fun analogy: Animal trainers often have to finesse a problem.  If you aren't getting the behavior you want, you take a break and assess the situation.  Later you give it a try again, but with a different set up or different goals or different reinforcements.  Effective non-verbal communication means meeting the learner (computer?) at their level, which might mean taking a break and thinking how to do that.

    I'm probably pushing the analogy too far.  I just thought I would make a point.

    Thanks for the fun read.

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