resource monitor -- 31G of memory unaccounted for !!!

  • Pulled up the resource monitor while running a large Staging => Presentation layer INSERT. When I sort by Commit (KB) descending, I can see about 2-3G worth of memory accounted for. When I look at the "total in use" metric, it shows 33 of my 36G being used.

    Where is it all going?

    I'm looking for a link to an article as I'm sure I'm not the first confounded by this.


    PS --> after the process finished moving 36MM rows, the memory #'s remain unchanged. This is NOT a production box, and I'm the only one using it right now.

  • task manager lies (maybe resource monitor does as well)

    check the sql server perfmon counters for memory allocation or use process explorer from the sysinternals suite (procexp.exe) to gain a better picture of what's using memory.

    SQL server uses the win32 PAE api's to allocate memory (no, it's not using PAE memory, it just uses that api to allocate regular memory). those memory allocations don't show up under task manager (or resource monitor)

    good luck.

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