Resource Governor

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    Comments posted to this topic are about the item Resource Governor

  • M&M


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    Thanks for the question, easy one.


  • CoolCodeShare


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    Easy 1. But good to remind me to explore it.


  • Iulian -207023


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    Nice to see a question on SQL Server Workloads with Resource Governor.

    Thank you,


  • TomThomson

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    Good question and explanation.

    This is one of those interesting cases where BoL contradicts itself. The SQL 2008 R2 page referred to in the explanation gets in wrong, and the explanation given is in fact incorrect for SQL 2008 R2 (it's correct for SQL 2008, so this looks as if that BoL page didn't get updated correctly for SQL 2008 R2). Resource Governor is also available in Datacenter edition (see Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2008 R2


  • Britt Cluff


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    Good question, thanks. Almost forgot to check the Evaluation edition.

  • Thomas Abraham


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    Almost missed it, using "Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2008" as a reference, since it only mentions Enterprise. Good thing I paused to reflect this morning. Thanks for the question.

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    easy and nice question!

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  • Mattrick

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    Thanks for the question.


  • Pouliot Philippe


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    FYI : available in Datacenter edition

    "Last line of the page"

  • Daniel Bowlin


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    Evaluation, hmmm. Missed that one. Doh!!

  • Rich Mechaber


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    Likewise DOH: forgot about Evaluation.

    But the "correct" answer for me is None of the Above: I'm running 2005 Enterprise, and the question didn't state 2008....


  • Ken Wymore


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    Nice question. I had to look up evaluation edition because I didn't know how it stacked up with the others.

  • Trey Staker

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    I always avoid evaluation editions so I got this one wrong.

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    Pouliot Philippe (9/2/2011)

    FYI : available in Datacenter edition

    "Last line of the page"

    True that is. Notice that the last line was a community content addition added by Tom today.

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