Resolving slowness complaints - Activity Monitor vs Profiler vs Dsp_who vs DMOs

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    Good morning,

    Every once in a while, we get complaints from the users that their applications are running slow. I searched around in SSC and around the web for some tips as well as forum questions to find some in depth discussion on how to use the tools to diagnose and resolve the issues.

    Currently we use a combination of the tools (Activity Monitor and sp_who) to see who is blocking and find the dog that way. However, it would be helpful to get a better understanding of the activity monitor and how to use it as well as anything else to get to the source of the problem.

    The Microsoft page for the monitor ( gives a definition on the various column, but not really a good explanation on how to dig in and use the tool effectively.

    I am going working my way through some SQL Server Execution Plan resources (one by Grant Fritchey). This is working well for when I know what procedure/query is causing the issues.

    I am and have been mainly an IT developer (C#, SQL, PHP, etc) and would like to learn a lot more about the DBA side of the fence and tuning and performance sounds like a really interesting place to start.

    Any ideas on best practices as well as where to look for additional help?




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    Gail has written a great article on Simple-talk.,-part-1/

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    Jeff Shurak (8/1/2014)

    Gail has written a great article on Simple-talk.,-part-1/%5B/quote%5D


    Thanks for the point in the right direction. These two articles and the one on deadlocks look very informative.

    Gives me something to do this weekend.


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