Resolution for SSIS Package Catastrophic Failure

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  • Interesting, thanks for posting this: I'm sure that it will help others.

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  • Thank you so much for this. I had this issue developing over time. I could mitigate it by falling back on older versions.

    I know I have a legacy server where a couple packages are in this state, I was just hoping I would never have to change nothing to these packages since they are legacy.

    Your solution is a real life saver.

    In my case I guess the problem was somewhat caused by using a third party monitoring and notification application and somehow sometimes, the code got lost in the continuum.

    Very rarely but still when it happens, you end-up with a package you cannot trust anymore and it is always a package you really do not want to rewrite from scratch.

    Thank you.

    BI Guy

  • Glad that I was able to help developer community.


  • Thanks.

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