Request for suggestion on data transfer from on-premises to cloud

  • I've been working for quite some time with AWS but only on limited services there (up to 10-15 services).

    Currently, I've got a request from a friend of mine who owns a small clinic (around 90 employees) that wants to move the patient data from on-premises to the cloud. I have some knowledge of AWS but I wanted to ask what would you suggest I use, AWS, Azure (no experience here but I would manage it I think), or some other approach?

  • Not much to go on. Is  the data relational? What database system is it stored in? Do you intend to move it to the same database system? To a self-managed server (e.g., EC2 instance)? Or to a managed service like RDS/Aurora?

    Look at AWS Data Migration Service.

  • Personally, I'd go with what I'm familiar with and can support. If you're better in AWS, that's probably your best bet.


    I would also be very cautious about moving your friend to the cloud if they're not ready for it. Will they be able to support themselves after the move? Further, what do their in-house tech people know about the cloud? Anything? Nothing? Do they have experience in Azure, but not AWS? Then Azure might take precedence.

    Further, you should evaluate what your friend needs in terms of tech. Broad strokes, AWS & Azure are kind of the same. However, the devil is always in the details. What kind of backup & recovery do you want/need? Availability? Up-time? Tuning? Monitoring? Alerts? Azure & AWS have some VERY different offerings when you stack it all up. So you should evaluate which is better for your friend, not simply convenient for you, based on your knowledge & skills.

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