ReportServerTempDB corruption in the log

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    I have got error said Backup detected corruption in the database log when I backup the ReportServerTempDB in SQL server 2008.

    The database is in simple recovery mode.

    When I do dbcc checkdb, I have got this error:

    DBCC results for 'ChunkData'.

    Msg 8964, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    Table error: Object ID 37575172, index ID 1, partition ID 72057594043039744, alloc unit ID 72057594044416000 (type LOB data). The off-row data node at page (1:1167), slot 0, text ID 41234137088 is not referenced.

    There are 0 rows in 1 pages for object "ChunkData".

    CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 1 consistency errors in table 'ChunkData' (object ID 37575172).

    Could someone please tell me what is ChunkData table? What could happen if I do repair_allow_data_loss?



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    Chunkdata=temporary data fetched for report like for showing page Y of Z. If you can'r restore ,  repair_allow_data_loss will probably clean out (some of) the Chunkdata table as the clustered index is affected
    Read backup/restore techniques for RSTempDB:
    About chunkdatatable:

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