ReportServer.dbo.FindObjectsNonRecursive running very slowly

  • I have an SSRS catalog that has about 1,200 reports, of which 800 of them are in a single folder

    On our production server (2008 EE 64-bit), when opening up the Report Manager in IE/Chrome it loads very fast, and when clicking on the folder with the 800 reports in it, it loads the page with the reports in 1-2 seconds.

    I recently built 3 new servers (2014 EE 64-bit, with much better hardware) and restored the same production reporting database to each. I used the exact same configuration settings; loaded up the Report Manager and when navigating to the folder with 800 reports in it, it takes around 22 seconds to pull up the page.

    From the trace I found that the ReportServer.dbo.FindObjectsNonRecursive procedure is being called. I checked the fragmentation and statistics, and all are ok...

    What could be causing this procedure to take so long to run?

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  • Hi MyDoggieJess,

    Is the production server on the same domain as the three new servers by any chance?

    The stored procedure FindObjectNonRecursive has two calls to a scalar function SUSER_SNAME() which verifies if the SID is valid against the domain, which could be the root cause.

    I came across something similar to you and wrote a blog post about it not long ago! Take a look at and let me know if that helps or not.

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