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  • Hi My Senario is  I have a High Availability Database ( DB1 & DB2) The listner say its DBL

    My report SSRS Application is also installed in 2 seperate server (Prod and DR) and the metadata (ReportServer and ReportServerTemp DB)  is configured with the listner DBL.

    Now My question is how the scheduler of reports will behave ?

    1: Do i have to create same set of Schedulers in both Report Prod and DR Application Servers?

    In Case if Disaster recovery how my schedulers will pick up the reports ? how Report Server will understand which server is active at that time?

  • what version of SSRS are you using?

    If you are on SQL Server 2022, there is a new feature container availability group that you need to implement which will address all your questions.


  • Yes, to ensure redundancy and availability, you should create the same set of schedulers in both the Production (Prod) and Disaster Recovery (DR) application servers. This way, when both servers are active, the report schedules will be managed independently on each server.

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