Reporting Services on SQL 2000

  • Hi,


    I am trying to install SQL Server Reporting Services on SQL Server 2000. A message comes up as follows: "Setup is verifying that the Server instance <servername> is accessible and the credentials provided have sufficient permissions to create the database. If the specified SQL Server instance is on the local computer and is stopped, setup will start the instance."


    I ensure that the SQL Server is running and the login has administrator's permission to the server and the sql server but I still get an error  as follows:

    "Cannot connect to the SQL Server instance on the <Server>"


    Can anyone help me? Desparate.


    Thanking you.




  • Reporting Services requires installation of SQL Server 2000 Standard or Enterprise, not the Personal Edition or MSDE. In addition, you must install SQL Server on a server OS (Win2K or Win2K3 Server). You cannot install the product on a workstation OS such as Win2K Pro or WinXP Pro. I got burned with the same prohibitions on SQL Server and Windows version.

  • Thank you very much, iceqube. I will try out the suggestion.

  • You can use Reporting Services with SQL 2K Developer. Developer can be installed on a workstation OS like Win2K/XP Pro.

    Also note that SQL Server is not requried to be installed on the same machine as Reporting Services. It just needs a local or remote connection to one. This is from the MS FAQ not first hand experience.

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