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  • Unfortunately, Microsoft have chosen to only make this product available in the US and Canada. The UK sales office "are currently awaiting confirmation from Head Office as to the availability of this installation CD for retail customers in the UK".

    Sure, we could start using the trial version to develop reports. But since we've already been waiting three weeks to find out whether we'll be able to get the product at all, it seems like a waste of time.

  • While it is available worldwide, the demand for CD's has outstripped production. We finally got our CD's yesterday after putting in the request the day after release.

    The article is a good introduction, although I'm not too sure you've got the right picture in there. Doesn't look like Visual Studio to me

    Also, to make the licensing clearer. It's free if you install the product on the same server as SQL is installed on. Installing any portion of SQLRS on another server will require an additional SQL license for that server. This means that we have to run a web server on the database server. Not an optimal approach, but hopefully MS will listen to the cries of despair and relax the licensing model.


    Colt 45 - the original point and click interface

  • I believe that the picture shown is not the one for this article....

  • As a relatively recent convert from MS Access to SQL Server I was very pleased to see an almost Access like ability to drag and drop reports. The fact that you can also import Access reports without too much hassle is also a bonus.

    I have only had a brief try so far but it seems like a very versatile tool , and if it improves from V 1 the more the better

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