Reporting on Activity across Multiple Servers using SQL Backup and SQL Multi Script

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  • Interesting article

    I have RedGate Toolbelt, but sucks that SQL Backup is PER SERVER license so I don't have it installed on any server instance yet to try this technique

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  • This series is great, but isn't the phrase "months of laborious work" indicative of the notion it might be more effective to buy a monitoring tool than to write one? It might be possible to get a lot more functionality while spending your time on work directly benefiting whatever your core business is.

  • Merrill,

    Yes, monitoring software like Idera DM and Quest Spotlight does work. I use them all day long. It is the best black-box recorder you can have when CIO wants to know why database had a problem last week (month) and evidence report.

    However I wrote a lot of stuff myself, because A) the tool may not provide or provided a different view. Imagine how many performance counters you can have recorded and shown. The tool may not have all. Any DBA manual tasks, I wrote them into automated scripts. When I come to work, I only need to glance review everything. B) I wrote index defrag which savs my company $1200 per instance per year. That is $80,000 saving. I wrote database refresh script so I can plug in parameters and run a refresh at a few clicks. There are things money cannot buy.

    When I have some doubts about my databases, I pull out some scripts from my repository (most of them in SP form), a few clicks I have complete info about my databases' current status.



  • Thanks for this information.

    I have a few questions:

    1) How do you know the size should only be divided by 1,000,000 and not 1,048,576?

    2) Is speed MB/s ?

    Thanks in Advance.



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