Report Templates Using Stylesheets

  • As far as I know font is set per element.

    If you know you are only going to use one font (as we do) then store it in a field named something like 'GlobalFont' and apply GlobalFont to each element it is required upon. I'd suggest FontSize will be different for different types of elemnt on your report, e.g. 'TableHeaderFontSize' 10, 'ReportHeaderTitleFontSize' 16. You have to make a decision as to what is useful to be databased and that will be elements that are regularly the same between your reports. I have found that storing about 20-30 properties + 20-30 other metadata items gives me an optimal advantage.


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  • Sorry about the LOOOONNNG delay in replying to your question. I was pulled off to another project and just now am getting back to this one.

    Maybe this will help. Most reports are like:


    Result Result Result

    I want my report to come out looking like

    HEADER Result

    HEADER Result

    HEADER Result

    Does that make more sense?

  • Yes - i understand now.

    If you wish to display your data in a table, then transpose your results (within your SQL Stored Procedure/Query) and send through the required 'header' as the first record for each row.


    Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4


    Make sense?

    Its also possible you could use a matrix to good effect, although I tend to find their display flexibility reduces their display capability when it comes to formatting.


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  • Thanks for the explanation, still very useful.

    Do you know if it is possible to generate a template/stylesheet and to apply it to already existing reports?

    Specifically, I want to update the logo, header, footer, font type and font size of +/- 30 reports that already exist, but I don't want to do that manually. I'd love to do something like in Power BI, where you apply a theme and then all of a sudden things are updated.

    Love to hear your input!

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