Report Rendering Issues

  • When I try to save my report (1186 pages) to a *.pdf file, the report takes 1/2 hour to render.  This is unacceptable.  What can I do to speed up the process?  (The report itself displays on the screen in just a matter of seconds.  It's the *.pdf rendering process that is taking so long.)


  • Try saving instead of opening as this process is much quicker. Once it is saved you can then open it. I have found this gives a much better response...



  • Try setting the 'Can Grow' and 'Can Shrink' properties of as many objects as possible to 'false' - all of them, if your report will support it. This means that the rendering process will 'know' how many records fit on every page, which speeds and simplifies it tremendously.

    Also, avoid using lines and borders where you can - I have sometimes found these objects to slow down rendering more than they should.

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