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  • Can anyone tell me if there is an option for text wrapping off or a way to set the text length so when users export a report to excel they can avoid having to format the excel file? Also, I have the interactive sort property applied in my report but it does not show when exported to excel.

  • I have a similar issue. I've avoided this by telling users to export reports to CSV and then open in Excel. This strips out all of the Reporting Services formatting.

  • What control are you using? the Table control?

    on each cell on the table control you can select the Cangrow Property and set it to false.

    That will maintain the layout of the report.

    Interactive sort does not export to excel. I Don't know the reason why.

    I just know it doesnt.

  • Good to know about the table control and the interactive sort. Thx for responding.

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