Report is Blank in PDF only!?

  • Hi all,

    This one is stumping me and I can't tell if this is a bug or a user issue (meaning me). Hoping for some insight.

    My report consists of a main report with two sub-reports in a table, and my first sub report has its own subreport with a grouping applied. So something like this:





    Several parameters get passed down from the main to the subs.  I have a District and County parameter that cascade (there are many counties in one district).

    The sequence of events is as follows:

    -Report was working fine

    -I made a change to the district parameter to account for spacing issues in the source table ('10 N' compared to '10N'). I made this change using a CASE statement in the WHERE clause of my dsCountySelect query.

    -Report still works except when the output format is PDF. When it's PDF, district 10N - which is 2 pages in HTML -  outputs only 5 blank pages as a pdf (no data).

    Rolling back my change restores the original functionality so I am fairly certain it is the change I am making that is causing the problem, but I can't pin down what a change to the parameter is causing a PDF only display issue.

    Has anyone encountered anything similar? Is there any additional information I should provide?

    Any assistance is appreciated.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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