report header in SSRs

  • i am converting crystal report to SSRS

    crystal report has a report header and page header, how do i incorporate report header in SSRS

  • SSRS comes with header check the below for details I know image like logo comes with some restrictions.

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  • I found out how to put a report header on a ssrs 2008 rdlc report, but I'm still having an issue of white space on subsequent pages where the visibility is set to invisible. I read some where that there's an option to squeeze out white space but I looked everywhere for that option, and couldn't find it. Does anyone one know how to do this?



  • I found some place that you need to set the report properity 'consumecontainerwhitespace' to true, but the rdlc report properties doesn't have that property listed. Does anyone have any ideas of what can be done to suppress white space with a rdlc report file?



  • Hi,

    A simple way it to add it on Page Header and Keep that part visible only on the First Page with the help of Visibility property.

    and you can apply the same with report footer keep that visible only on Last page of Report.

    - Chirag Prajapati

  • Hi, keywestfl9.

    You can try RAQ Report[/url]. With it, users can set report header and page header easily.

    RAQ Report: Web-based Excel-like Java reporting tool[/url]

  • If there is a gird on the page. Add a row outside group, above. If need be merge the cells. Put your header there. Set RepeatOnNewPage to false for the tablix group member that is the your newly added row.

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