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    Hi all ,


    we have a proprietry 2008R2 Standard OLTP db which is on 2008R2 and at the moment cannot be moved. Eventually we will have a DW type solution, but we are not there yet. But we need to quickly get away from reporting off the live data.

    We have a copy and restore to a 2017 Enterprise instance. Which in the interim we are hoping to report off.

    The restore works fine are there other things we need to do to take advantage of the new server.

    Compatability level - can we just change this?

    Index fragmentation should be basically handled on the 2008 live db. Of course it wont be optimised for reporting on 2017 - but the new version shouldn't require a reorder/rebuild?

    My understanding is - statistics will need updating as

    Will we be better setting the database as read only too.


    Obviously not an ideal solution - but any advice would be very welcome! Thanks


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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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