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  • We need a way for users to search a particular SQL table. The request is for the ability to search using 15 different fields. Would setting up this type of report in Report Builder be a good idea? The report could have between 1 to 15 different search possibilities. I'm not sure how I would setup the parameters in the WHERE clause so that one field could be blank and another could have a particial search. For example, foldername LIKE '%' +@foldername + '%'. What if the user left that field blank. 'Allow blank value' in the parameter properties in Report Builder is not enough.

  • In a stored procedure, you should just set a default value of '' on your input parameters and that will probably do. Hope this helps.

  • This worked.

    isnull(foldername ,'') LIKE '%' + isnull(@foldername ,isnull(foldername ,'')) + '%'

    Also set the parameter properties to allow blank value.

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