Report Builder 2008: cannot retrieve application. Authentication error

  • yabay

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    Hi Everyone,

    We have recently deployed reports on SQL ReportServer 2008 and able to test AdHoc reports from a same server. But trying to execute theadhoc reports from external computers not in the same domain as the reports server we get the error "cannot retrieve application. Authentication error" and it generates a log file that has the following error report:

    Downloading http://Ipaddress/ReportServer/ReportBuilder/ReportBuilder.application did not succeed.

    The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.



  • Mike Mortensen

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    had the same issue, and an easy fix

    on the remote machine, go to your User Account in Control Panel

    Pick your Account

    Select Manage Network Passwords

    add an entry

    put in the name of the report server

    put in the user and password you use to login

    apply it

    try to run the report builder app again and it should download and install

    has to do with permissions not getting passed for non-domain memebers so that the ClickOnce install routine can download the application file

  • yabay

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks a lot. I followed the steps you provided and solved the issue.

    Have a nice day.


  • jbillingsley

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    Any other solutions to this? The workaround Mike gave does work and so far is the only way I can get Report Builder to launch from a non-domain computer. The (perceived) problem is that when you have the credentials stored,, you don't get prompted for a login at all when you hit the report manager site, which doesn't fly for many company security policies.

  • yizhenli

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    I had same issue before.

    Try to save your logon id and password when you logon to http://report server host name/reports. it worked.

    hope it help you.

  • trent.ballew

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    This can also be due to the userid and password not being sent automatically to the site.

    Either add the site to your "LocalIntranet" zone in IE (which automatically sends id and password) or make sure that the "automatic login with current username and password" option is set for the "Logon" option in the Internet zone.

  • pjlewis

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    My server (yes, I am having the same issue) has the Windows 2008 R2 operating system and I don't see the Network Password option.

    Can you offer a tip?


    by the way, when I open the Report Server home page on the server and click Report Builder, it opens normally. Its on my laptop that I get the Authentication Error.

    Thanks again.

  • kmdavisjr

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    Perfect! Thanks!

  • hianshul

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    Exact solution to the problem. Thanks.

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