Report based on dynamic columns

  • Hi all,

    Can anyone help please? I am trying to do the below report, but not going anywhere with it.

    I have got 5 org levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5

    And i would like to see the report from manager's point of view, so if a manager is at level 3, they should only view level 3 and below levels etc. They can't see level 1, or level 2 if they are at level 3. Do i need a report with dynamic columns. Can anybody help please? Thanks



  • Without further information or detail - I would recommend modifying your query to return just the levels needed.  For example - your query would filter based on the input parameter...returning only 3 levels for a Manager.

    You can then hide any levels that are not returned - this way, if you only return 3 levels then the first 3 levels are displayed and level 4 and 5 are not visible/hidden.


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