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  • Marts

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    I have a new issue that is completely confounding me.

    The IT guy prepared a VM image of our old sql server 2000 machine in preperation for migration to sql server 2012.

    However as part of the evaluation, I needed to get rid of the replication on this VM, as it was messing up the production machine.

    Stupidly enough, I just went ahead and deleted the push subscriptions from the machine, without thinking that it would screw the production machine.

    I managed to get into a state where the production machine is seemingly pushing data out (transaction and merge) to the various places it needs to, but they do not show in the replication monitor now at all. Additionally, I cannot delete, re-initialize or anything with the processes...

    Any ideas to help would be greatly appreciated.


  • jjradha

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    Hi Martin,

    have you tried to have a look at what shows up on

    select * from distribution..MSReplication_Monitordata?

    what is the status of your distribution?

    it is a bit vague but that's where I would start to look at.



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