Replication via ftp

  • <P>I'm having difficulty configuring two SQL Servers to replicate using

    any type of ftp. I have a main/local to our network server and a remote

    server (outside of the LAN), I am trying to create a pull subscription

    from the remote to the local. I tried to create a snapshot to a ftp

    server independent of the two SQL servers and got as far as a successful

    connection but no files were transferred. I then configured the remote

    SQL Server to as a ftp host with a ftp root directory where I get the

    snapshot to write , I just can't get the Local or main SQL Server to see

    the remote SQL Server and thus the snapshot location. Is there a known

    method of doing this, with some precise steps???</P>

  • I think the thing to do is ignore replicaton for the moment and see what it takes to get FTP to work. Consider asking your network admin for assistance, could be that the port is blocked.


  • Is this on SQL 2000? I struggled with this very thing just this past week on SQL 2000, and found that on the client side path you have to include the 'ftp' folder that the snapshot automatically creates. For instance, if you specify to place the snapshot files in folder '\\server1\basefolder\folder1', where 'folder1' is a folder off the ftp root, then in the 'Client path to this folder from the FTP root' field you need to enter 'folder1\ftp', not just 'folder1'. It doesn't tell you that anywhere, but that's what worked for me.

    On SQL 7.0, I never had to fool with ftp - replication worked just fine through the internet without any ftp service. I don't know why they changed it in 2000 - maybe a security thing.


    Jay Madren

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