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  • RobLW


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    I know nothing about SQL repication, and it's not my intention to become a DBA , but tI have a question on the topic for general idea/theorising.

    If server1 is our prod SQL server, and we were to replicate it to server2, is it possible to be able to alter objects/data on server 2 without affecting server 1, and have those changes "wiped" say each night without doing restores?
    Or is it better to stick to just doing nightly restores in order to reset server 2 each night?


  • doug.brown


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    My understanding is you can change data on the replicated server, but it will remain changed until the subscriptions are re-initialized (which you could do nightly).  However, I think altering objects would likely break replication, as the object definitions will no longer agree between the publisher and subscriber.  We've used nightly restores for our test servers where we want to change things and then wipe it clean.

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