Replication Monitoring with Always On Availability Group

  • Hey Folks,

    So I have SQL Transactional Replication set up on a database that's part of an AOAG.  Everything is working fine except for one thing.  After a failover, the Replication Monitor is not able to show any info since the primary is where the replication was configured and now the secondary is the new primary.  Replication continues but the Monitor is not able to show anything.  I was wondering if there was a workaround for this?  TIA


    Did you add the original publisher to the monitor from each replica in the AG as per the documentation?

  • Yes, and that only works when the original is available.  I'm speaking more about when a failover occurs because it's not available.  How can the replication be monitored?

  • Ok so it looks like I am able to use the replication monitor on the other replicas after failover but it's VERY laggy.

  • Why would you use a transactional replication in AG?    I see the benefit.   However, the replicas would do the same thing.  right?



  • There are many business reasons why you might do this.

    We have edge nodes where web servers sit in places closest to our customer base and to reduce latency we have edge SQL servers with web content so it doesn't have to traverse the WAN, but the main e-commerce site sits centrally, so any product, stock, price information is replicated out from central to edge, I don't want to replicate the whole DB to these edge sites, and I have over 200 edge SQL servers, how is an AOAG going to work there?

  • Makes sense...

    Here is a comment:  If you have a cloud platform, could you not use DW servers within the cloud with proper firewall rules.   This would be a different way of doing things...  A better way?

    If you have 200 edge servers, I can understand why you want to use transactional replication.  This is massive.





  • In this situation, Replication is being used to support backend databases which are not part of the AG.

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