Replication has fallen over due to changed SA password

  • Adonia Delavigne-521648


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    Hi I have one ancient sql2000 production environment that repliacates from one server (prod) to another server (dr). I had it all humming along with the dr box acting as distrubutor_admin and subscriber to the prod's publications and therefore minising the load on prod and making dr pickup most of the work. While I was away on leave a senior staffer from a different department (who uses the SA account to access his dbs and data- I no choice to the use of his account) changed the SA password on the prod server promptly causing all my humming replication to fall in a heap.

    1) I have tried to change the distrubuition_admin password to the new sa password to no sucess.

    2) I have changed the sa password on dr to be the same as the one on prod to no sucess.

    3) I drop one publication and it's related pull subscription and re-created them with the publication on prod and the subscrption on dr, but I get the following messaage for the snaphot creation on dr


    Login failed for user 'sa'.

    (Source: PROD (Data source); Error number: 18456)

    Any help would be appreciated as I admit I've become a bit rusty on 2000 replication since I work more on 2008 and 2005 now days.

    Regards Adonia

  • Adonia Delavigne-521648


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    It's okay I found the settings I needed under right-click of publications and selecting "Configure publishing, subscribers and distribution" and now I've gotten my precious replication working again :w00t:

  • Malcolm Daughtree


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    THERE IS NO BUSINESS NEED OR REASON FOR THE USE OF THE SA ACCOUNT BEING USED IN AN APPLICATION OR USER. Change it to something no-one knows and keep it safe or this will happen again.

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