Replication between SQL Server versions

  • Toreador (3/19/2014)

    Richard Warr (3/19/2014)

    If you didn't know anything about replication you'd say that the first option was pretty much the same as the last one so you'd select option 2.

    That's what I did.

    As has been pointed out already, the explanation for answer A contradicts the answer.

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  • I haven't done any replication yet, so this is entirely based on the documentation, but it looks like none of the answers are correct. From the linked document:

    For all types of replication, the Distributor version must be no earlier than the Publisher version. (Frequently, the Distributor is the same instance as the Publisher.)

    For transactional replication, a Subscriber to a transactional publication can be any version within two versions of the Publisher version. For example, a SQL Server 2000 Publisher can have SQL Server 2008 Subscribers, and a SQL Server 2008 Publisher can have SQL Server 2000 Subscribers.

    So, according to the documentation, you could have a publisher which is SQL Server 2000, a distributor which is SQL Server 2005, and a subscriber which is SQL Server 2008.

    The distributor is (A) not the same version as the publisher, (B) not the highest version level in the configuration, and (C) not the same level as the publisher or subscriber.

  • Given Incorrect for option B because option A is more correct is just plain wrong, the Distributor and the Publisher do NOT have to be the same version, but the Distributor must be => then the Publisher ergo option A is a plain false.

  • Perhaps the confusion stems from the fact that this question is ONLY within the context of SQL Server 2008 R2 (as if SQL Server 2012 had not yet existed)?

    It's like the strict/literal interpretation of the United States Constitution versus "Founder's Intent/Open interpretation of the constitution".......with my point above being the "strict" interpretation?


    On this page it does state "Distributor version must be no earlier than the Publisher version."

    In this question distributor version (2005) is indeed EARLIER than the (2008 R2) Publisher. Perhaps THAT is where the AUTHOR is coming from (right or wrong).

    My apologies to those not familiar with the US Constitution... 😀

  • Thanks for all the feedback.

    Indeed, the context of the question is between 2008R2 and 2005. The answers were poorly worded, but were taken in context of the versions.

    Hopefully someone learned something new about replication today.

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  • I did learn a bit about replication, and I selected what I thought was the best answer - B.

  • Agreeing with the majority here, answer B seemed more correct. Thanks for the question though!

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  • SQLDCH (3/19/2014)

    Indeed, the context of the question is between 2008R2 and 2005. The answers were poorly worded, but were taken in context of the versions.

    Considering the context there is no difference between A and B:

    - distributor is equal to publisher,

    - distributor <edit> needs to be is </edit> the highest version that participates.

    It is just matter of submitters opinion :pinch:

    Without context all answers are plain wrong :crazy:

    Richard Warr (3/19/2014)

    If you did know about replication you'd select option 2 as the best fit.


  • Thanks for the question.

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  • Could you stop posting such messy questions that confuse people

  • I have been away for awhile, and am slowly coming back. So I have started on QOD's again to catch up. Lots to go 😉

    IMHO the B answer is the closest to being right. The question is very vague. Actually, Replication will work on versions of SQL Server 1 up and 2 down from the distributor though it will be limited to the functionality equal to the lowest subscriber to a publication.

    I have a rather complex (Microsoft's words) replication system with a variety of servers for both publishers and subscribers. As a result, I try to keep my distributors in that scenario.

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