Replication between 2014 and 2022

  • Hi,

    A quick question.

    The documentation says it is not permitted.

    But we have configured Peer to Peer and Transactional replication between a SQL 2014 server and a SQL 2022 server. Records are replicated fine, albeit a small test.

    My question is, "Is this reliable and should it be possible?"

    Is this related to the Distribution database being more compatible across more versions/

    Many Thanks


  • There are a variety of actions you may take on a server that are prohibited in the documentation. I've dealt with several over the years in a VLDB world such as stacking multiple Crypto Providers, rotating TDE keys during a backup, and various DBCC stunts for compliance sanitation. These actions are permitted on the server and tests can perform these actions to completion without error or corruption. In all of those cases, I could run many valid error-free tests, but here's the kicker: Tests are not reality. Those cases also had the occasional error that was a SQL bug (rotating a TDE key during a database or log backup would crash the database and take it offline about 1% of the time, etc.).

    Prohibitions show up in documentation after another SQL Server customer encounters a bug that affects uptime or corrupts data. Doc changes are much faster and easier than code changes, so changes show up there first.

    If it's important to you, then reach out to Support and get a firm answer that you are supported. It may simply be that certain configurations are dangerous, but a safe path is available that solves your problems. Unless you really love picking apart busted replication to try and recover all the data and getting it working again, I would assume there is a downstream impact my test didn't find and plot another path using supported methods.

    Eddie Wuerch
    MCM: SQL

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    Eddie Wuerch
    MCM: SQL

  • Hi,

    As expected your advice is spot on thanks

    I was sort of thinking there may be instances where unsupported tasks could be performed and as you say...testing is not reality.

    I'm not inclined to follow the risky approach just wondered if any one had any similar've had more than me.

    Many thanks for that input..I will be following the recommended practice (as always 😉 )



  • I suspect it works in general, but they don't want to support any problems on 2014. I've run many systems out of support,and it's rarely been an issue.

    However, when it is, there's no help. I either need to upgrade or find a new solution.

    I would be tempted to try this and see. Worse case, you have to build some other ETL solution, but I'd document and let people know the risk of moving forward here. Usually MS is really good with backwards compatibility for many connection things, and they have proven to be very lazy about updating replication stuff, so I'd guess this would work for a bit, but I'd be looking to upgrade that 2014 at some point, even if I run the db in an older compat mode.

  • Thanks for that - good comments

    Yes we have been discussing doing this.

    This was mainly to avoid downtime due to a lengthy backup/restore process..but we do have test environments to look at first

    Thanks again.

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