replicate my database on the same machine

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    Hi all,

    I worked with many databases like Oracle, MySql, Postgres...

    And SQL Server as well, long time no see.

    Basically, I would need my testdb database to be replicated into testdb_read database on the same machine. Any example for my case, please?

    Found this link, but example below is not clear

    What are correct values to substitute placeholders in my case?

    This time I'm under linux and using Azure Data Studio, so no UI like SSMS available.

    Please advise.

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    if you like powershell, take a look at this page:

    Your are able to copy a single database to a new one, with one simple script.

    Or do you need real time replication?

    Kind regards,


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    It depends on what you want to do with the copy, how "fresh" you need it, and what downtime is acceptable to you for refresh. Can you provide a few more details about the usage of this database copy? The stored procedure you linked is a part of Replication. You might also want to look into Snapshots.

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  • marchello

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    The copy database should be as much real-time as possible.

    This is assignment for learning purpose.

    Looking into transactional replication.

    First of all, I found out that replication distributor is not available on linux version of sql server, so I'm installing it on windows for now and will continue there...

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