Replace a NIC on secondary replica in AlwaysOn

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    Hi all

    Hoping I can get some assistance from the AlwaysOn/clustering gurus out there! We have a SQL 2016 availability group (asynchronous) which consists of a primary and secondary replica. The secondary replica has some hardware problems which we are trying to resolve. The hardware support people have recommended replacing one of the NICs. First question I have is... will this cause a problem with clustering/AlwaysOn? My understanding is that the two NICs form a team and they will both be replaced so the teaming will be broken (this is what the infrastructure team have told me). If we need to take the node out of AlwaysOn and windows clustering, replace the NICs and then put it back in????? What are the exact steps - is there some good documentation out there that can guide me through this? What are the potential risks? Obviously don't want to end up taking down the primary or listener inadvertently.



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