Render the type and number of subreports based on a varying number of instances

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    Hi, I have a reqirement for a single report that produces a number of different documents of different types and to different recipients.


    A landlord wishes to send notices to tenants. The document should be a single pdf file containing: -

    Covering letter for each person responsible for the tenancy.

    Accompanied by two copies of the Notice for each recipient

    Covering letter for each member of the household (not including those responsible for the tenancy)

    Accompanied by two copies of the Notice for each recipient

    For a single peron household there would be a single covering letter and two copies of the Notice. Simples.

    For a four person household where two are responsible for the tenancy, there would be two copies of one covering letter, two copies of the second covering leter, plus eight copies of the Notice.

    I had thought of using subreport functionality but cannot workout how to filter the number and type of reports to be included based on the household composition.

    Any ideas on how to generate the mix and number of documents based on the profile of the household (the T-SQL element is complete this soley revolves around rendering the final document).

    Thanks you for taking the time to review this.

    All the best,


    All the best,


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