Removing IP address from listener pool when removing a secondary

  • We have a multi-site AG and are demoting one of the remote sites out of the AG. In doing so, we've discovered that no logic exists to remove an IP address from the listener. Has anyone else tried this?

    It seems that the ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP MODIFY LISTENER logic lacks functionality other than ADD.

    I'm afraid to just remove the IP address from the cluster object as that IP is also stored in the HADR systables.

    select * from sys.availability_group_listener_ip_addresses

    select * from sys.availability_group_listeners

  • I am having the same issues now getting app timeouts as the dns entry is no longer valid, did you find an answer to this?

  • You have to remove it from the Windows Cluster Resource Object: Get-ClusterGroup <WINCLUSTER_NAME> | Get-ClusterResource <AAG_NAME>_<IP_TO_REMOVE> | Remove-ClusterResource

  • 2 Questions...

    Where do you run that command?

    Also, do you put the periods in the IP address in the format that you used like this: AG_Name_169.16.1.10

  • It's a PowerShell command.... Run it from PowerShell. And whoops, it's actually Get-ClusterGroup <AAG_NAME> | Get-ClusterResource <AAG_NAME>_<IP_TO_REMOVE> | Remove-ClusterResource

    Just do this... Run "Get-ClusterGroup", and it will list your cluster groups. Select the one you want to change, and then do "Get-ClusterGroup <AAG_NAME> | Get-ClusterResource", and it will list all of your AAG's Resources. Select the one you want to remove, and use that in place of "<AAG_NAME>_<IP_TO_REMOVE>" in the command above.

  • As mentioned earlier, you can remove the object from the cluster. You can use failover cluster manager for it.

    You can delete offline object at step 4.

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