Remove article from existing publication, does it require a new snapshot?

  • Starting the snapshot agent re snapshots all the time. I don't want the new snapshot. It should just sync the data where it was left off.

    Why do I get this message every week? This is not even the error as I don't receive the emails up on failures.

    Any idea?

  • How do I manually start the snapshot agent?

  • When I have subscription to the article and try to drop the article;

    DECLARE @publication AS sysname;
    DECLARE @article AS sysname;
    SET @publication = N'MiscREGI';
    SET @article = N'Classification';
    -- Drop the transactional article.
    EXEC sp_droparticle
      @publication = @publication,
      @article = @article,
      @force_invalidate_snapshot = 1;

     I get the following error;

    Msg 14046, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sys.sp_MSrepl_droparticle, Line 286 [Batch Start Line 29]
    Could not drop article. A subscription exists on it.

    It requires dropping the subscription first;
    EXEC sp_dropsubscription @publication = 'ClassificationPublication-Crescent', @article = 'Classification', @subscriber = 'CBTDEVSQL01\DEV', @destination_db = 'DecisionLenderReporting'

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