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  • We've used as a whiteboard and I believe this can be licensed as an app for use with teams.

    With any cloud based resource make sure you have the privacy settings set correctly.  You don't want to brainstorm your companies next big idea in a forum that is open to the public and gives the game away to your competitors.

    I have been giving a lot of thought to job training, particularly where the cloud is concerned.  There is a huge amount that we could learn and coupled to that there is the company way of doing things.  I don't think it is the best use of peoples time to say "go off and learn stuff".  The things you learn might not be the things you need to learn.

    I think the best approach, from a company perspective, is to say...

    We use product/service Omega.  In order to develop your competence relevant to the company in product Omega you need to learn

    • Subject A (hyperlink to approved training resource)
    • Subject B (hyperlink to approved training resource)
    • ...
    • Subject ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (hyperlink to approved training resource

    Any companies approach to training (and particularly cross skilling staff) needs to be focused, resourced and targeted.  No external source is going to have the context of your business and its implementation.  For that reason the approved training resource probably needs to be a landing page on something like Confluence with internal guidance and links to other approved resources

    I see one of the roles of leadership being to curate such material.  Part of a manager's role is to develop their staff, they are your product after all.  If I can liken your staff unto a bunch of tools then it is your job to make sure your tools are honed and fit for purpose.

  • good thoughts, David. Certainly focused, targeted, appropriate learning is likely an organizational concern. Managers certainly should be involved in developing people, and curating that content is something I hadn't considered, but it makes sense. Might not be their role to decide what is needed, as in they don't need to be the subject matter expert, but they can find those and use their skills to build good internal resources.

    I love a few of our Slack channels. One on MS related stuff, one on market stuff, one on customers. People post really interesting things in there.

  • You've brought up many ideas, Steve. I'll respond to two. First, the use of a virtual whiteboard sounds interesting, but it isn't something I've ever seen done before. We're using technologies which support it, but for whatever reason it's never used. I don't know if that is because the presenter might feel intimated if someone else has a better idea than he/she has, or if they're just ignorant of the capability. Probably the later.

    Second, I'm sure that you're right about having to learn better how to collaborate remotely. However, in the team I'm in there's been difficulty for a long time in working together. I like my coworkers, as individuals, but there are bad habits that some due, which are hard to get them to stop doing. After more than a year of observing these bad habits I've got my doubts that some people can learn to stop doing those bad habits. On the other hand, I'm sure that they would do those bad habits if we were all working in the same location.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Habits are hard to break. Good or bad, and it requires a lot of effort and desire to actually do that.

    Often I try to focus on one thing I want to change in myself, and sometimes just show that to others. The power of a good example can be strong, though it can take time. At the very least, if I do better, it's good for me, and that's the ultimate goal I worry about.

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