Remote Server calls failing since recent Windows update

  • Has anyone else had issues with linked servers, remote calls, double-hops, etc, since the July, August, or September 2019 Windows updates? We know the cause is in there somewhere, as we have re-imaged a PC to pre-July updates and everything works. As soon as the updates are applied, ka-blooey. We can't control the updates (and there can be quite a few in each monthly package).

    We were able to log into a TheTrustedDomain, run our apps OurTrustingDomain\WebServer1 calling procedures on OurTrustingDomain\SQLServer2, which would in turn call procs on OurTrustingDomain\SQLServer3 without a hitch until "something changed".

    Things mostly work when we log into OurTrustingDomain, or RunAs OurTrustingDomain\UserName, but the organization doesn't want us doing that, and for a couple of weeks even that didn't work.

    Anyone have any thoughts / leads / solutions?



  • sounds like the service pack might have shut down a sql protocol that you use in your linked servers

    can you post the error message?

    failing that, drop and re-screate the linked server using sql server native client protocol (I assume your linked servers are just using"sql server" as a connection type

    also try switching the security context to sql authentication (not ideal, but it will tell you if it's an old fashioned Kerberos double hop issue)


  • In fact, we've pretty much narrowed it down to this one:

    Attempting to digest it, but I'm a DBA, and this stuff quite beyond me :-


  • ok - fairly simple,in the article the 2 domains have been told not to trust each other

    the workaround should work, but let your network team handle it - as a short term workaround, switch your linked server to sql authentication... might possibly work


  • OurDomain definitely trusts TheTrustedDomain. And TheTrustedDomain has never trusted ours.

    Our workaround is having users start the apps using Run As with their OurDomain creds. But this is not ideal...


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