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  • Hi all,

    I've searched for this but did'nt found an appropriate answer.

    What is a remote connection and query ? And what is a local connection and query ?

    If i'm on management studio on my pc connected to a SQL Server 2012 that is on a server, am I remote ?

    I didn't had a timeout in SSMS for the following query. Considering the remote query timeout setting is 600

    USE Database_name



    WAITFOR DELAY '00:11';

    select * from [dbo].[Table_Name]




  • I hope that following link should help you to understand what is "remote connection"

    As for SSMS, go to Tools/Options select "Query Execution" in the left panel.

    You will see that "Execution time-out" is set to 0, which is default and means - no timeout limit.

    You can change it if you like.

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  • Remote query timeout affects queries which this SQL Server instance (the one with the setting) executes against other database engines, via ether OPENQUERY or 4-part naming.

    It has no effect on queries which are running locally (queries submitted to it which it is running against its own databases)

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