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    I am trying to install a Self-hosted Integration Runtime on my local computer.
    But when doing the register, I got an error:

    The integration runtime self hosted node failed to connect to the cloud service due to network connectivity issues.
    Check the network activity. Failed to connect to

    How can  I fix this?


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    "Failed to connect to"

    The installer downloads all necessary installation files from the internet - it sounds like perhaps your firewall is blocking the download of the installer files.  Do you have a network admin you can check with?

    This isn't related, but... I had issues with the .msi installer yesterday, so I tried the executable instead and it just hung.  I rebooted the server and installation went through without a hitch.

  • sqlfriends

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    Thank you I will check with our network admin about this.
    Strange not sure why they block this site.
    I can download from other sites for many softwares.

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