Regarding the issues of Index and data storage

  • I don't know how the basic knowledges about data storage and index structure?index storage, my questions as below, thank you for knidly help! (there is an example in the attached file)

    1. how the data is stored while without any index?  ( you can give me some posts about the theory of data storage and index instruture , such as,how sql server generates index instructue and sql server how the index  information to retrieve the data)
    2. how the data is stored  for the  clustered index ?
    3. how the data is stored for the non-clustered index?
    4. how is SQL Server created the index structure for clustered index and non-clustered index ? as the picture shows index structure.
    5. if I create a clustered index with purchorderID and LineNo or create a non-clustered index with purchorderID and lineNo, how will sql server generate the index structure for them ?
    6.  is there any way the view some index struture ?  and sql server how to use the index to retrieve the data.    thanks!
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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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