regarding scheduling jobs in sqlserver

  • Hi,

    Can you provide complete material regarding jobs in sqlserver.

    As I am a begginer I got general awareness regarding this topic on surfing in sqlserevercentral and somemore through google.

    I want complete material regarding jobs so that I can start my practise regarding this and will get to you for further queries if any.

    Kindly help me in this regard as this topic is very important for me.



  • Hi

    Are you requiring to perform admin tasks by using the SQL scheduler / jobs


    DO you need to create DTS / SSIS packages that run as jobs on the server - also using the job scheduler?

    Also what version of SQL are you using (e.g. SQL 2000 Enterprise, or SQL 2005 Standard)

    let us know



  • Hi Kevin,

    thanks for your reply.I just want to know basic information regarding jobs like how we can create jobs(eg:using sp in jobs) and how we can schedule them and how to run them.

    I am using SQL SERVER 2005.

    Kindly help me in this regard.



  • Hi

    Under SQL Server Agent --> Jobs - you can right-click on Jobs and say New Job

    Step 1: Give the Job a Name

    Step 2: Click on Steps

    Step 3: Click on New

    Step 4: Give this step a name

    Step 5: Select Database (can you master for testing)

    Step 6: In the command type: select 'Step 1 of my Job'

    Step 7: Click OK

    Step 8: Click on Schedules

    Step 9: Click on New

    Step 10: Click on New

    Step 11: Type a name for this schedule

    Step 12: Select Daily and every 5 minutes

    Step 13: Click OK

    Step 14: Click OK again

    you have just created a job with 1 step with a schedule

    To execute a stored procedure in the command as in Step 6 - you will replace the text with something like:

    exec sp_name

    let me know if this helps at all



  • thanks Kevin,



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