Redgate's SQL backup vs Idera's SQL Safe

  • Does anyone have experience with these two products? I realize this site is hosted by Redgate but was looking for some honest information on these two products. I have demo'd both products and currently like the Idera product and its Virtual database using the backup files and no extra space. I also like the ability to configure alerts on the Idera product. If anyone can give me pros and cons of both products to help me make an informed decision that would be great!



  • Idera also has a more straight forward Object Level Recovery. We use Redgate here because it was in place before I started, otherwise I'd lean towards Idera that I was using in my previous job.

  • Idera will cost you more, but then again so will a BMW in comparison with a KIA.

    You get what you pay for.

  • Well we did end up purchasing IDERA and I am in the process up setting it up. So far so good with no problems. Interface is intuitive and alerting is nice. We worked with Idera Sales and got pricing down to comparable to Red Gate so no loss there. I will try and update more with my findings as I set this up. Only gotcha is Sharepoint databases do not compress well but that is the nature of those dbs and the data they store.

    Not sure any product would help there


  • Call them up, with my experince they are usually very helpful.

  • Call who up and why?

  • Interesting. I think that Idera has been ahead of Red Gate here, but the purchase of Hyperbac might have swung the balance a bit. Object Recovery and Virtual Restore are being released soon in SQL Backup.

  • Steve, I was referring to your issues with SharePoint databases.

  • Understood. Though its my experience that Sharepoint databases do not compress well. It the Office documents etc that just do not compress that Sharepoint stores.. There is nothing to call about really. Red Gate, Idera, GNUzip... they will all compress the Sharepoint database to almost the same point.

  • Fair point, I just like calling them up, one of the girls in the UK office sounds very nice! 😀

  • LOL Are you talking IDERA or Red Gate? My experience with Idera has all been out of Texas and at Tech Ed in New Orleans. Red Gate I think is based out of UK. At least thats where I spoke with some Sales Reps from.

    I tested both Products and like the Idera one better which is why we went with them. (competitive pricing didn't hurt either)

  • I am talking IDERA, they have a UK office. She is worth a "technical" question anytime! LOL

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