RedGate Source Control

  • Hi every one

    I’ve  RedGate Source Control install it and use SSMS2017. The Database is running on SQL-Server 2014.
    I use TFS and have create a Git-Repository on it. On local side I have clone this Git-Repository.

    When I make changes in the database, e.g. If I create a new table, view or stored procedure, or changes datas inside Table, I can then commit these changes with commit and push them to the GIT repository.
    So, and now I want to have these changes generated as a script. But how?

    Can you explain how to do that?

    Sorry but I'm not native English writer/speaker

    brgds Frank

  • Yikes. Nobody uses REDGATE?
    OK, another question: Which SQL Source Control should we use in the team?

    brgds Frank

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