Red Gate Rolls Out the Red Carpet for SQL Server Users

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  • I'm disappointed by the 'small fee' (for the London, UK edition) which is actually £50 (no small fee) especially as I attended last year and as a result engaged with the Redgate sales team regarding database-monitoring tools.

    My employer will grant the time but they won't pay for the privilege and that will affect my ability to attend this year especially if you consider the cost of getting there too.

    As the fee is intended to ensure attendance, will this be refunded (in kind) at the event?

  • I don't believe we're refunding the ticket price this year. The cost of the event was fairly substantial last year, especially with so many people registering and then not coming.

    If you take out the cost of breakfast and lunch, it's a fairly low number. I can understand that your boss might not want to pay. I'd hope that a day of SQL tips and tricks, learning sessions, and refreshments is worth something to you or your company.

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