Red Gate data compare Automate???

  • can we automate the redgate data compare for synchronizing the data from back up file to database on a server and schedule it for daily purpose ..?

    if some one can guide me....please let me know ..

    Thanks in advance ....


  • I dont believe this is possible. The compare program is greate but the functionality of what you can get it to do is quite basic.

    Having said that, if there are any SQL Compare Developers/Gurus out there who can make it possible PLEEEEEEEEASE 😀

    Adam Zacks-------------------------------------------Be Nice, Or Leave

  • Hi there,

    This is indeed possible, depending on what version of SQL Data Compare you have. I believe this should be supported with version 6 and later (currently on 8) and if you have the PRO version of the tool.

    The syntax (with version 8) for using a backup as the source and a DB as the target, and then performing a complete synch would look something like:

    sqldatacompare /b1:"FULL_SQL2008_AdventureWorks2008_20100414_000000.sqb" /s2:"pete\sql2008" /db2:"AdventureWorks2008" /synch

    If however you download a trial from the Red Gate site, open up CMD and run sqldatacompare /? /verbose this should then output a full list of switches to the console for you. With regards to the automation, once you have saved these commands as a batch file you can then set the file up to run with Task Scheduler.



    *disclaimer: I work in the Support team at Red Gate

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