• Dear all,

    I have one doubt/ problem..

    Actually I have recovered my database without complete restoration.

    I have to apply another backups to make it available from the point of failure..

    Is it possible to change the Recovery mode to Norecovery mode.

    Is there any solution for this..

    plz reply..



  • as far as I know that is not possible.

    You'll have to restart from your fullbackup and keep it in Norecovery until you decide to use recovery.

    At that time it will rollback all uncompleted transactions (based on the transaction log)

    btw, you can keep your db in norecovery mode and then if you decide that you've reached a point to activate the db , you can just perform



    -- I think now I'm ok with the data

    restore database mydb with recovery ;


    btw with sql2005 if you perform a pit-restore and it hasn't reachted the PIT, it will leave the db/filegroup in norecovery mode.

    However, it will give a warning it has left the db in norecovery mode.


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  • You will have to start the restore process again from the full backup onward. Were users connecting to the database and performing transactions after you brought the database online? If yes, when you restore to the previous point in time you will lose any changes that have since been added in the incomplete restore.

  • What happens though if I am constantly getting log files every hours and I need to access the DB?

  • restore with standby.

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