Records Are Not Sorted by Date

  • Hi everyone

    I am working on a SSIS package that converts a table into CSV file.  I need the CSV records to be sorted by date.  I have 7 other tables and they are working as expected except for 1.  I am not sure why the records are not sorted by date.

    I was getting an arithmetic overflow error so I changed the size from 10 to 20.  It fixed it.  But I think it may have created the order issue.  This is the only difference between the 7 other tables.

    How do I get the records in AppStockTable to be sorted by date?

    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[AppStockTable](
    [SYMBOL] [nchar](10) NOT NULL,
    [INTERVAL] [nchar](1) NOT NULL,
    [DATE] [date] NOT NULL,
    [NAME] [nchar](40) NOT NULL,
    [OPEN] [nchar](20) NOT NULL,
    [HIGH] [nchar](10) NOT NULL,
    [LOW] [nchar](10) NOT NULL,
    [CLOSE] [nchar](20) NOT NULL,
    [VOLUME] [nchar](20) NOT NULL
    ) ON [PRIMARY]

    INSERT INTO DBO.AppStockTable
    'S&P 500' AS [NAME],
    CAST(ROUND(T1.calc_1 *100000,0) AS INT) AS [OPEN],
    9999999 AS [HIGH],
    0 AS [LOW],
    CAST(ROUND(T1.calc_2 *100000,0) AS INT) AS [CLOSE],
    CAST(ROUND(T1.calc_3 *100000,0) AS INT) AS VOLUME
    FROMDBO.StockTable AS T1
    ORDER BY 3

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  • you need to have the order by on the Dataflow Source sql - not where you insert into the table as per above.

  • it worked!  thank you so much

  • "... ORDER BY 3 ..."

    I recommend against this. Name the field.

    If a new field gets added as 3rd field, you will get different results.

    And, nobody knows what field '3' is, so extra time wasted to find out.

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  • Is there a reason you don't have a clustered index or primary key? (may or may not be  the same)

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