Rebuliding a WSFC with availability groups

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    We have been having issues with nodes loosing communication on a underlying WSFC that we have our Production Always on Availability Groups on.

    The Server provisioning team seem to reckon that the cluster, that they built, is not in the best of shape and are talking about rebuilding all the cluster servers.  Being a DBA with responsibilty for the Availability Group ontop of the WSFC I have concerns as to what the means for the Availability Groups.

    Has anyone had to go through this process?  What dose it mean for the Availability Group?  Will I have to reinstall SQL Server and create a new replica on the new Servers or can SQL Server/Replicas just be copied across to the new servers when built.

    I have no knowledge of the server side of things and have big concerns about this.

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    It really depends on what the server team is doing...if they are rebuilding the servers then you are going to have to install SQL Server on the new server, add the logins/agent jobs/etc... from the primary, add the new server to the AG and add the databases.

    Basically, this is exactly the same operation you would take if you added a new node to the cluster.


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    If you are rebuilding the boxes then yes it will be a new install.  As AlwaysOn At is DB level replication even if you were to build a new node along side and add it as a secondary to the existing solution to seed the dbs to it you would still need to recreate the logins and jobs etc.

    I would recommend scripting the jobs and logins out however which should which should make your job a little easier.





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