Rebuilding master db on SQL 2000

  • I have recently rebuilt the master db to change the collation on one of my servers.  When I did a select @@version it was at 650, which is sp2 with a security patch.  I then installed sp3a on top of that and it worked ok, without rebooting it came with with version 8.00.760.  I'm going to rebuild the master db on a production server.

    I did not reboot the server after rebuilding and applying sp3a to the development server.  Do I always need to reboot after applying a service patch?  Thanks in advance.




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  • I am not sure if you need to reboot but I am doing it all the time.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I guess what I was looking for was what dlls would get impacted without a reboot.  And since it is production, to be on the safe side the safest thing is to reboot. 

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