• Hello Sir

    SELECT S.IIATransactionId

    ,substring(rats_filename,1+patindex('%{________-____-____-____-____________}%',rats_filename),36) AS OracleTransactionId

    FROM iiafeedtransaction S,

    ratsiiafeedtransaction o

    WHERE S.IIATransactionId *= substring(rats_filename,1+patindex('%{________-____-____-____-____________}%',rats_filename),36)

    AND  o.Rats_filename IS NULL

    ORDER BY S.IIATransactionId

    i think you have executed this in Query Analyser and what you said is right. However, try exeucting this query as a view in enterprise manager and i hope you will see the result which you are interested in.

    I have seen the difference in this way in another case as well.. where the select statements brings lot of fields.

    this looks confusing but pls try once and when you get time, pls give feedback to me.


    Best REgards





  • I'm sorry, I've only got 2005 installed on my systems these days. I can't readily test this.

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