• Grant,

    I think this article is a great primer for using VS to test stored procedures instead of other non-MS tools like SQL Unit etc. 

    I would like to see this methodology be applied one step further - to use to test SSIS packages.  For me this is a very gray area in unit testing since (unless thing have changed) you can only test at the package level and not the individual "task" level and I havent seen hardly any "best practice" methodology. You can run individual tasks in the VS Business Studio project but I have not seen any caommands that would run an individual task from a command line, only the "whole" package. Can you provide me and community with any links that approach the subject of iunit testing SSIS packages and tasks in VS.  Good article!





  • Hey, thanks for the reply to the article. Yes, I'd like to see a mechanism for unit testing SSIS as well. I think it'd probably be more useful than testing TSQL.

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