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  • Hello,

    I have to download all reports from particular folder how to achieve it easily.

    on properties edit option is too slow in the server.

    Kindly help.

    Durai Nagarajan

  • take a look for a tool called RSScriptor that will do the job for you

  • is it a free tool, can we use it for giving access as well.

    Durai Nagarajan

  • yes its a free tool

    you could try modifing the scripts it generates for system and item level roles, but these will only be deployed when you deploy the script, its not an immediate change, if you can do it (i have never tried)

    if your not already, use AD groups for SSRS access its much easier to maintain than individual user accounts

  • thanks, i have tried to download it is working it a awesome way

    need to try about permission.

    Durai Nagarajan

  • RSScriptor is an excellent tool. Thanks for the reference, and thanks to Jasper Smith for making it available. We finally experienced relief in seeing our reports saved. We were trying to go against a database restore done without a key. His tool could not access the Report Server DB; but, it clearly told us what was wrong. Excellent tool! One that actually showed the correct error when it failed.

    David Russell
    Any Cloud, Any Database, Oracle since 1982

  • Hi,

    you can follow this link to achieve your task.

    -Vinay Pugalia
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